Who is ARKAE?

From Arkae you can expect a display of Richard Klink’s turbulent and slightly absurdistic stream of thought. With the acoustic guitar as his friend, he creates a sound that can be placed in the indiefolk / singer-songwriter genre.

As he continues to look for new ways to convey what is happening in him, he takes several roles, plays with multiple styles and breaks some rules. In this way he challenges the listener to watch the world in a different way, to tilt their heads, or to stare straight at it! Preferably not too alienating, but just enough to be taken away to all the stories he has to tell.

Arkae is inspired by artists like Patrick Watson, Thom Yorke of Win Butler.

The Fourth Wall

The new EP from ARKAE is called ‘The Fourth Wall’ and will be released on January 10th. You can see ARKAE live on January 12th at the Performance Factory, Enschede. Find more information here